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Boy Sees Hearts

Boy Sees Hearts

West Palm Beach, FL


Boy sees hearts.
Boy captures hearts.
Boy sells prints.
Hearts bring love.

Unique and eye-catching fine art prints from $10.50 and greeting cards from $4.95.
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On July 31, 2009 Eric Telchin hosted a friend’s going away party at his home in West Palm Beach, Florida. At the end of the evening, after serving make-your-own-sundaes, Eric (and guests) huddled around his kitchen counter top, marveling at a heart mysteriously composed of melted New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream.

Hundreds of hearts would subsequently revealed themselves over the next year-and-a-half. Hearts began appearing on dogs’ fur, in navel oranges, in patches of grass, on sidewalks, and in the most extraordinary—as well as mundane places. As Eric discovered one heart, many more hearts manifested. Eric captured each heart he encountered with his iPhone camera and posted each image on Facebook.

On October 11, 2010, Eric composed a matrix of the first 101 hearts and posted the image on his Facebook page. He quickly realized the power these hearts possessed as people began requesting prints for themselves and loved ones.

These prints elicit a strong emotional reaction for some; for others, it’s an extremely unique and eye-catching piece of art.

“Boy Sees Hearts” is dedicated to delivering captured hearts from the universe to you. These found hearts may bring good luck, prosperity and even true love. At their most basic level, these hearts are a reminder of the love that surrounds us all, even in unexpected places.

If a puddle of New York Super Fudge Chunk can inspire hundreds of hearts to manifest, imagine the power of the hundreds of hearts in your home.

Eric Telchin is a Presidential Arts Scholar with a Bachelor of Arts from The George Washington University, Class of 2000. He currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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